Is there an age limitation for using Requests?

Yes. Since money transaction is involved, either between users, or as Helper, when paying usage fee, and account can be created by users that have the authority in their country to use payment means. Usually, this age is 18 years old. For example, as Helper you will require to pay usage fees via PayPal, so a user must have a PayPal account. Since PayPal account has age limit this limit also apply to Requests.

What does Requests app do?

Requests connect users that need help and are willing to pay some amount for getting help – we call them Requesters, and users  that can and want to help on a certain issue – we call them Helpers

Requester post a Request and Helper help to solve the issue described and specified by Request.

Requests app connect between Requesters and Helpers and provide the means to collaborate and manage a request's help session.