Beta Version Period

We are running the beta version of 'Requests' app. During this time we continually check Requests service and its model, and make fast changes according to feedback we get by monitoring the app. During this period we may also stop the service if required to make essential changes, before proceeding.

Our first goal is to build a community of Helpers and Requesters, this however may take time. During this time, getting a response to new Requests may take some time. Once community grow, we expect this time to reduce.

Device Compatibility

The app is currently supported using a browser on Windows, and Android. Before you run the app, check the compatibility table: Check Compatibility

Services status:

   Requests app: We are testing new version of the app. Login, signup, and creating requests, may be disabled for testing period, during our testing. We will open again  as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


  User console: experimental run period: run *


Is your IP Banned? Read this...

Content-Glass Cloud (the service that run Requests app) is using a reactive security mechanism that designed to limit requests to what allowed by an app.

If your IP was blocked it may be caused by trying to run an invalid, forbidden or unsupported service resource.

The first time IP is blocked is for 24 hours. Then if forbidden activity arrived from same IP persists, the IP is blocked for long-term and technical-support intervention is required to unblock the IP.

We are continually working on our reactive security mechanism, yet, on various situations it may happen that valid request is considered as forbidden access. If you think that your IP was banned for long-term, because of 'false-positive' detection of forbidden operation, please open a support ticket, and specify the banned IP and why do you think it was banned by mistake.

Note that: crawlers, robots, scanners, or any other type of manual or automatic  requests, that were not generated by Requests app itself – are all forbidden! Simply as that.