The Wallet is a core service that let you charge funds and use it on apps for ongoing payments and fees.

For example, on Requests app, as an Helper you need to charge your wallet with some amount so we can deduce the "request handling" fee each time you lock a request as Helper.  

To charge the Wallet you use PayPal from payment view provided by app. When you make a payment through app's payment view, we get notification about the payment in our services, and once your identity is verified we load your wallet and update the balance in according to payment amount and currency. 

If the currency used for payment is not the same as currency set fort your wallet, as defined in user profile, we calculate balance, using an exchange rates we receive from external provider. 

Note that the Wallet does not actually store money, neither credit card details. The wallet only holds a numeric balance field that is adjusted according to charges you made  via PayPal and according to use paid features. In fact, the entire money transaction is handled by PayPal service we use to charge the wallet. 


Verification of payments

When you make a payment using the Wallet pay view in one of our apps, we send with the payment a unique code that identify your account in our system. When our service is notified from PayPal about a payment, we use this code to identify your account and credit your wallet. 

We also check to see if the PayPal email address reported by payment is the same as the one you defined in your profile. If its not the same we send you notification so you will know. It is recommended that you will set in your user profile the same PayPal address you intend to use for charging the wallet. It is however not mandatory. 

Also, if for some reason you have two accounts on our services  network, you can use the same PayPal account on both of them, and we will associate payments according to unique user code passed during payment. 


Premium user and virtual goods

The wallet is also used for paying on premium user package as well as other virtual goods the service may provide in time. When you will ask you upgrade your user, or purchase some  virtual asset, we will check your wallet. If the wallet contains the appropriate balance we will deduce the cost from your wallet. Wlese we will ask you to charge the wallet first and then repeat the purchasing.