By admin | Sun, 07/18/2021 - 07:39

Requests feature social feed on various social and messaging platforms such as Twitter, Telegram and alike. The purpose of this feed is to extend Requests view beyond mobile app and expose to larger audience. Stand in front prospects and generate leads.

Social feed shows short preview of a newly submitted requests, and allow some level of interaction with requests, such as commenting, or creating new requests by using browser plugin or other dedicated plugin.

Publishing to social-feed occur automatically depending on user preferences. If you want your requests to be posted to social feeds, enter into profile editor page and check the networks you want requests to be publishers to. 

We will specify here for each network, where requests are sent to, so you can follow:

1. Twitter - requests are fed into this wall

2. Facebook  (not operated yet)  - requests are fed on wall of this Facebook  group: