The referral program help you to get automated system credits in your wallet by referring new users to register and use Requests app.

To refer new users you need to send them the referral code. You can find this code in the profile view of the app.

  • Open top menu and enter profile
  • Search for the field "Referral Code"
  • Copy the code
  • Send the code to friends and tell them to use the code when performing the initial registration.

Each time your friend charge the wallet using Prepay payment, within a promotion-period, we will credit your wallet with referring-credit as set by terms and published here. 

In addition we will credit your friend's wallet with referred-credit amount when defining the wallet. 


Promotion terms:

promotion-period: = 1 year

referring-credit - 5% of an amount charged by referred friend.

referred-credit - $3 fixed.  This amount is translated to user's currency as selected by profile and round up.

Note that terms may change at any time. Since promotion terms are stored with the Referral relation record created in our server, a change of terms will only affect new referral relations created after the change.  


A credit apply to wallet, either your wallet or the wallet of referred person, can not be withdraw and you can not convert it to money. You can only use it to handle more requests, so if your balance is positive a 'Request Handling Fee' will be billed, but not payment-request will be created (for as long as the balance is positive.)