Free use

User can post new Requests and comment to Requests free of charge.


Request Handling Fee

Each time an Helper lock a Request we deduce fixed amount from Helper's wallet. This amount is considered as Request Handling Fee.

The fee stand on $1 / request (One USD per request) at this time and may change at any time with prior notice.

This is the only fee we collect for a Request. It means that the entire amount an Helper received from Requester goes to Helper. 

We also make sure that minimum offer a Requester can set is at least two times the request handling fee $2. It means that minimum case scenario is that Helper earn from a request $1:   [ $2 offer - $1 RHF  = $1 ]

Premium User Fee

Premium user fee is the charge we collect from users that want to use advanced features. Premium users program is not available yet. Once available we will publish the amount here.