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There are there are four type of payments a user can make in association with Requests app.

The information in this page is subject to service terms and you need to refer to terms for full details about payments and fees.

Request Handling Fee

  • When Helper lock a request, and Helper wants to help with, We write a $1 charge in helper's  wallet. We name this charge: Request Handling Fee. This is the commission users use for the ability to handle requests and earn from it.
  • Once in a month, or possibly other period, we check all wallets, and create a Payment Request for all accounts in which the balance in the wallet shows a debt that is equals or greater some minimum amount, currently stand on $5. Note that in some cases we may decide to skip this minimum debt and generate a Payment-Request despite the debt is lower than $5. 
  • Once a Payment Request was created an Helper is unable to handle more requests, unless user pay the bill.
  • Note that once Payment Request issued, the only way to close it is to pay the bill. A Pre-Pay card (see below), purchased after Payment-Request issued, will recharge your wallet with certain amount, but will NOT cancel the payment-request.  
  • Usage fee is a fee for your use in the software in the past. Therefore no refund apply for it. If you choose not to pay, we will not allow you to handle new requests, and based on our own considerations, at some point in time we may block your account.
  • To pay the bill you can use one of three ways: 
    • Using the app (this is the recommended approach)
    • Using a link set on a PDF document produced when you download a copy of Payment Request 
  • A payment is handled by by paying to our PayPal account. Note that Rhizome Networks LTD does not handle the actual payment procedure and does not have access to your payment means. Payment is entirely processed by PayPal.  
  • Once you pay the bill a 3'rd party accounting system named iCount that is connected with our services, will generate an invoice and send it to you. iCount will also inform our billing service, and we will generate a record in your account, that you can use to view and download the invoice, in case you lost the original mail, or you need it in the future.
  • In addition, once you pay the bill we receive a Payment report from PayPal, and we use this report to change the status of Payment Request and set it as "paid". If you now reload your app you will notice that Helper can handle new requests. 
  • Requests app shows a summary of billing activity, but the best place to watch views of  all you  Payment-Request, Invoice and Payment report is the user console.
  • Since a Payment-Request is considered to be a payment for your past use in our app, there is no refund for it. If you decide not to pay the bill within a reasonable period, we may decide to block your account, or limit your use in the app. 

Prepay Card

  • A Prepay Card as it name expose is a way to recharge your wallet in advance. Obviously, this may prevent from Payment-Requests to be created and stop you in your Helping work.
  • Prepay is useful for users that work intensively as helpers. The benefit except from a quite period of getting payment-request, is that you also get a 25% bonus on the amount you pay when purchasing the  prep-pay card. For example, if you purchased a prepay card in $100 we will recharge your wallet with $125 which is composed of $100 you purchased + 25% bonus we give you for using prepay card. 
  • Note that a credit apply to user wallet, can not be withdraw and you can not convert it to money. You can only use it internally, to handle requests and in the future, to pay for advanced features.


  • We do not recommend new users to purchase a prepay card. It is better to get to know with Requests first, before you decide to purchase a prepay card. this can also save from undesired refunds. 
  • By low of Israel, for online-remote purchase, if you ask a refund within 14 days from purchase date, we will refund your PayPal account with the unused amount, not including the prepay bonus and not including any amounts loaded by coupons or system-credit given for handling request without the request-handling-fee.


  • The company save the right to refuse a prepay card payment, if it think the user is not suitable for that type of payment, or for any other reason. In that case the payment will be refunded to user account and bonus amount will be deducted from the wallet. 


  • Maximum amount for prepay card stand on the moment on $75 or equivalence in other currency.

Premium Features

  • Future version of Requests will allow you to purchase premium features. These are advance features, not available in the basic version. The exact price of each feature may vary.
  • To purchase a feature you will have to  recharge your wallet with necessary amount, using the Prepay card payment option. Once a feature assigned we will deduce the value from your wallet.
  • More details will be shown here, once this option will become relevant.  


Payment from Requester to Helper

  • Unlike payments between you and Rhizome Networks LTD, as described above,  a payment made between Requester and Helper is entirely their own business.
  • When Helper complete to work on Request, helper click a button 'Request Payment'. The Requested is notified and as result requester is required to pay the amount that was agreed by both sides, when request was in the pending-approval state. 
  • Requester can pay to Helper in any payment method agreed by both sides. Payment can be completed using a payment services, such as PayPal, using payments app, in cash, or any way the two sides agree.
  • It is highly advised to decide in advance on the payment method, before starting the work on Request, so there will be no surprises. 
  • To help making payment easier we provide the option to set a name in profile. Each user with PayPal account can get the PayPal me name from user's account, and set the name in Requests. This name is not secret, its allow us to create money-transfer links, using the format. Here is an example: .  When requester is notified for pending-payment state, we show the link and by clicking the link a money transfer to Helper may completed using PayPal.
  • Rhizome Networks LTD, is not a side in the deal between Helper and Requester. It means that we have no part in the money transferred between sides. It's entirely between you two, the Helper and the Requester.