By admin | Sun, 07/18/2021 - 07:33

Affiliate marketers can use Requests app to increase their income by adopting the Helper route for shopping advice and purchase decision. 

As part of purchase advice, and affiliate marketer is allowed to provide affiliate link given these limitations and restrictions:


1. Profile-Disclosure -  affiliate marketer must check the "Affiliate Marketer" checkbox in the user profile. This information is exposed to user when you lock a request.

2. Link-Disclosure - affiliate marketer must declare that link is an affiliate link and purchasing with this link  generate affiliate fee. 

3. Reliability - Affiliate marketer is obliged to provide a reliable purchase advice, derived from Requester need and from from affiliate interest to promote certain program. 

4. You should not share affiliate links in Request comments, unless you lock a request. Note that requests are subject to automatic scan for known formats of affiliate links


Not following these restrictions cam cause your rating to decrease or account to block.