By admin | Wed, 08/18/2021 - 13:03

When Requester and Helper put a request in progress they can collaborate any way they find suitable. Below  you can find few ideas:


Conventional Tools

1. Phone - The request expose the Phone number of one another. This is probably the best approach for making the initial contact and clarify request details.

2. Email - The request expose the Email of one another. Users can communicate via mail.


In-App Tools

Requests app provides few basic collaboration tools built-in with app. Note that some of these tools will be available on premium version only and some will be exposed on future versions. 

1. Notes - you can add notes to request. 

2. Chat  - the chat in requests works in the context of request, so each request has its own dedicated 'room'.  (premium)

3. Video call - Helper and Requester can make a video call. (premium)


Collaboration  Board

Collaboration board is a free for use Content Glass app that allows users to collaborate of white board that let them share notes, pictures, videos and other widgets. 

When user click the "collaboration board" link, on request view, we create a dedicate page on Collaboration-Board and assign it with unique URL. Request's parties (Helper and Requester) can enter and share information related with the request, without having to define or manage any other web resource. 

Due to its visual nature It is recommended to use collaboration board on desktop.


Conversation Tools

Conversation and screen sharing tools are very common these days. Below are only few examples.

1. Zoom 

2. Skype


Messaging Tools

Messaging tools are efficient for interacting via text and media messages.

1. Whatsapp

2. Messenger

3. Signal

4. Slack


Remote Control Tools

These are tools that allows users to provide access to their PC remotely. Of course its not relevance unless it is required for helper to handle programs run on your PC, for example when need to upgrade or install a software. Below are few examples.

1. TeamViewer

2. AnyDesk

3. Remote Desktop