API stand for Application Programming Interface, is a library of software that allows 3'rs party apps to extend Requests and Integrate with Requests app data. 

APIs can be used by programmers for various use cases. some the user-cases includes:

1. Website functionality - user an API to integrate Requests app running on a website with other user flows, for example web-store can use the API to help user make purchase decision faster and stay on website by providing a button that let user create a Request for shopping advice. 

2. Content Glass Apps - Requests is a content-glass app. The Request entity created in the backend service is a content-class widget. It means that it can be shared in association with Glass and State. Content Glass apps can use this fact to provide special sharing and exposure functionality for requests. Note that some content-coss functionality are available to premium users, yet these are only sample of what can be done with content-glass. 

3. Partner apps - partners in the partner-program, that manage group of Helpers can use and API to generate reports associate with Helpers they manage and integrate this information into their own management systems. 


API Library

API Library is an API implemented in certain programming language. We plan to have the following libraries, and users can create their own open-source library and publish their libraries here: 

  • JavaScript library. A library that allows integrate if Requests app running on a website with Website functionality. 
  • Web library - a REST like library that can be implemented in multiple languages
    • PHP - reference library  that demonstrate an implementation of web-library.  


* Initial version of API is planed to be exposed during 2022