If you want to report a problem in the service, please use our Ticket System.

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Note that we do not provide individual support. We will examine your ticket and response as soon as possible. If we found that the problem is caused by a bug in the software, and we decide to solve this bug, we will create a new issue in our internal issues tracking system. In some cases we will send you a link that you can track the bug status.

*** Service providers should not use support tickets system to send their product offers. Such tickets are avoided.



You can use community help to ask other users how to use the app.

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Note that  we do not provide support on the mail addresses above.  Use contact Email if you are interested in using IFrame to run Requests app on your website, or in the case you are interested in investing on Requests service. For any other purpose please use the tickets system.



You can use articles we post on this side, to deepen your knowledge in the app. Pick the topic you want to ask about from side menu.