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Tickets System

Use technical support tickets system to report us on technical, billing and generally any problem you find in the software.

We will examine your report and response as soon as possible. If we found that the problem is caused by a bug in the software, we will create a new bug report. This bug report joins a pool of bug reports that we handle based on priority and severity. In the case that we opened a bug report following your ticket, you will get a link that let you track the progress. From time to time, we update the software with fixes we made. 



Support: support@rhizomenetworks.com

CEO: giladt@rhizomenet.com

Use contact Email if you are asking for certain type of partnership, for example website owner that want to install requests IFrame and establish a shared-income model as explained here. Please do not use email for outsourcing or, marketing, tracking , plugins offers, etc'.



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