A Requester, uses Requests app to post requests, special posts intended for receiving an help with some issue.

Helpers can review your request and offer their help by locking the request. You will be notified when request was locked. Once you accept the helper you can both work on solution. If however, you decide to reject a specific helper, the request return to pool of requests.

When you create a request, you have to set at least, a 'description' and 'offer' amount. The offer indicates the amount you are willing pay to an Helper, for an help or a solution.

When Helper lock your request, it will be required to specify the 'bid' that reflects helper's expectations for payment. The 'bid' may be the same as 'offer' but may also be different.

The amount you will close between you is completely up to both of you, and Requests app does not participate the deal. Of course you may find with time that your offer may be affected by marketplace's request/demand, and may be a factor for attracting a more qualified helpers. Therefore, offering the lowest possible amount will not necessarily bring you with best results and best helping experience. Its a Win/Win situation.



Filling up forms, for example municipal service forms such as undermining on a parking fine. Or maybe filling up a passport application, or tax report. Instead of wasting hours on understanding what you need to do, let someone with experience to guide you or maybe filling the form for you.
Shopping advice. Have you evert asked yourself how many hours have been wasted on online shopping of various products just because you didn't understand either the product or your actual need or both? For example, when purchasing a computer, many users find themselves asking for help from a friend or family member working with computers. Now, instead of nagging your family's "expert" you can simply post a new request and get help from someone online that would love to help for few bucks.
Service signup. The world get digital and getting digital is almost always start with signup some service. Still, and although registration procedure is relatively simple task, many users avoid new services just because they have to pass this initial barrier. As result, users' web experience keep narrow and closed in the the circle of known an popular services. When if you could avoid this barrier by letting someone else register on behalf of you, or walking with you hand by hand during registration?
Help with homework. You can use requests to post request for help with a difficult question or a subject that you need assistance with. Many times there is no need for a full hour private lesson and focused help on specific subject is just fine. In addition, once you find your helper, requests will let you direct the following requests for Requests will also let you create
Consulting. Requests is a one-stop to consulting queries. do you have a question regarding insurance plan? Do you need a fast legal advice? do you need accountant advice? Instead of searching for a consultants in expert forums, use Requests to post your query and let consultants find you.
Get advice. Get advice for issues that disturb you, for example a problem with you pet. There is probably somoen else that has already experience the same problem. Why not benefit from other person experience before paying and expert?
Home fixes. User Requests to locate a local pro for plumbing, electricity, locksmith tasks and other home fixes issues. Note that premium version let you to set the radius for searching an help.


Using the Requests app, Basic-Level app is free.
Posting requests is free! We only charge a 'Request Handling Fee' of $1 from Helper, each time an Helper lock a request.
User may purchase premium-level subscription. Premium level provides an advanced functionality.
Note that payment for helpers is completely up to you and we DO NOT share with an Helper for this received money. We only promises that helper will never lost money from handling a request, by setting a minimum allowed offer on at least twice, the 'Request Handling Fee'.


Rhizome Networks LTD, the operator of Requests app, only provide with collaboration software and do not take any side in the deal between Helper and Requester.
As a Requester that pay to helpers, you are the sole responsible for auditing your expenses, and obeying tax rules of your country.