Help with Online-Shopping

How many hours have you wasted finding a product? One of the advantages with e-commerce is that user can choose among many options.

In practice, this advantage is most of the times a huge disadvantage. When user have too many options to choose from, the time spent on choosing is many times out of proportions comparing to product price.

With Requests app you can avoid this wasted time. Posting a request for purchase-advice or help with online shopping, and collaborate with helper that can provide fast answers, can make on-line shopping experience easier, shorter and in practice, more like shopping experience in physical store, and yet online.

Shopping advice, help finding products, getting reviews, saving time in shopping, find what one need. Few examples:

  • Getting purchase advice.
  • Finding a product for specific needs.
  • Find best prices or quality based on needs and budgets.
  • Creating shopping brackets together with helper.
  • and more...
  • New user will be taken to sign-up and profile setup before creating a request. Logged-out users will be taken to sign-in view and then redirected to new request editor.
  • Use the coupon code starter-kit and get credit point each time a Request you created is locked for the first time by Helper. See more in service terms
  • Age restriction: as specified by service terms youth below 18 can use their parents account, and under parents supervision.