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Sara has a fashion blog that cover latest fashion trends and promote trendy dress and accessories. Sara is our sample affiliate. Sara has already sign-up 'Requests' and she review requests daily. Due to here profile preferences, the system create a feed that focus of purchase advice in the fashion category.
Michal, was invited to wedding that occur next month. She wants to buy a new trendy dress and a match bag. The problem is that michal does not usually buy fashion online. She have heard about Asos, Amazon and dew more web stores but she don't know where to start and how to focus her effort. by the way, she is also a very busy woman and she get depressed that she will have to wast hours online just searching for clots. Yet, for some reason, she insist of buying trendy dress and match bag.
Few days later, Michal see a post in Facebook that encourage her to use 'Requests' for solving online issues, such as for example getting a purchase advice from those that know. Michal decide to sign-up and create her new request post with a $10 pay offer:
Request by Michal:
"I need some advice for purchasing a trendy dress and match bag. I need this dress for next months so its must be a store that has fast and international shipping."

Offer: $10
An hour later, Sara opens 'Requests' and find in her feed the request posted by Michal. Sara decide to take the case because this is the kind of requests she is waiting for. Sara 'lock' the request, and wait for Michal to approve her.
Michal get notified and accept Sara's help. They contact each other and start to work on the case .They use Zoom, Skype or any other similar program to share screen and Sara shows Michal some options in her blog. During discussion with Sara, Michal find a dress and match bug, on Sara's blog, and decide to make a purchase. They close the request and michal pay Sara $10 for her help.
Michal subscribe and use Sara's blog to access a product page on Asos via affiliate link. Once Michal make a purchase Sara earn the affiliate fee from Asos.
Sara ask Michal if she wants to subscribe her blog, and Michal agree. Sara has new earch three times: first she earch for here shopping advice, then she earn the affiliate fee because Michal made a purchase through her affiliate link. Third she earn a new subscriber in her list.