Users of Content Glass Cloud, including users that uses Requests app may receive the following mail types:

  • Account create
  • Email verification
  • Reset password
  • Close account verification
  • Special cases such as re-activate or closing an accounts.
  • Technical Support ticket response (including auto response)

The first four mail types above, are sent with message details section on the bottom of the mail.  Message details can help you to identify the source of mail. The unique code (as of 16/05/22) can be used to verify that mail is authentic. you can do this test by entering the user-console with your user credentials, there under 'Monitoring' click the 'Mail Activity' to show report of sent mails. If mail was sent to you it is expected that you can find a record with match unique-code. System mail uses minimalist plain-text style and  look "boring". The only call to action there are links for confirming email or reset password.

Example of message details:

Message details:
 Sending host: ''
 Server time: 'Mon, 16 May 2022 17:26:46 +0300'
 Sent to user: 'abcefg'
 Sent to email address: ''
 Unique code: '62d825sdf26c3bffa7a'

In addition, our service terms do not allow users to promote their referral-code, using mail-campaign, neither to present themselves as affiliates of Rhizome Networks.

The bottom line should be clear - we think that mails should be used only for essential system notices. We do not use mail-campaign for promoting our services and we do not allow users to use mail-campaign for promoting assets related with our apps and services. We certainly DO NOT send solicit mails.

In the case that you received a suspicious mail, that carry our brand, pretend to be sent from our systems,  without any action you took, for example without sign-up, ask to reset password or ask to close account, and without having the style and content characteristics described above - you should assume that this is a spam and you should delete the mail.