Request session is the life course of Request entity as resulted from collaboration of Requester and Helper. A request session includes few steps, and the status of Request entity is changed during these steps:

  • When request is just posted the status is ‘pending’.
  • When Helper want to solve a request, user lock a request and request status change to ‘pending-approval’.
  • If helper decide to abandon the request status go back again to ‘pending’.
  • When request is pending-approval, Requester is require to either Accept or Reject the Helper. If Helper is rejected, the status goes back to ‘pending’. If Helper is accepted, the status change to ‘in -progress’.
  • When status is ‘in-progress’ both sides require to collaborate in order to solve the issue. Users can collaborate in any way they choose, phone call, ,messaging, emails, video call, or any other collaboration means we provide such as Collaboration Dashboard.
  • When issue is solved, and only then, Helper request payment and status change to ‘pending-payment’.
  • When request is ‘pending-payment’ requester is must to pay to Helper the amount agreed, upon accepting the Helper.
  • If for some reason dispute arose, each side can move the request to ‘dispute state. Requester and Helper are the only one responsible to solve a dispute. Once dispute is solved both sides need to mark that dispute was resolved, and request goes back to ‘pending-payment’
  • After payment received by Helper, the Helper must close the Request and request status change to ‘closed’.
  • Finally, after request was closed, both sides can rate each other and write a review on each other.