Yes for as long its status is pending. At the moment of posting a 'request' the status of a request is 'pending'. During this period, Helpers can view the request and decide if they can and want to help. Once an Helper lock a request, the request change to 'pending-approval' mode and stoped being public for new searches of requests.

Note that request item may still appear on non freshed search results, while it was already locked by an helper, Yet other helper can't lock it.

In addition, a 'request' may also be exposed on social-feed channels, such as Twitter, if user gave a consent in profile settings. Exposing on social-feeds may help to expose a request for wider audience of potential helpers currently not registered. Of course, a request can be handled only through the app, and after registration. 

IMPORTANT!!! Since 'request' is public you should never exposed private or secret details in the description of request.