Yes. If you have an affiliate account on some affiliation network, and you find the situation is relevant for providing an affiliate link or affiliate code to Requester, then you can do that. Usually, combining affiliate links within help session, can be relevant, if for example you help to choose some product. 

One thing must be remembered - Requests was not created to be used as a channel for easy access to potential buyers of a product you promote. This is not the case. The help that you provide and the means that you use during this help must, before all - provides an answer to Requester's need.

In other words, as an Helper, you should not take advantage of help session to push things that Requester does not ask. If you decide to provide an affiliate link it must be relevant to case. Remember that at the end of help session, you may will be rated by the Requester, so make sure you provide an accurate help for a need and do not take an opportunity to push an unrequested promotions.