'Requests' presents a business opportunity for early stage investors. In our current stage we launch a beta version and making the first steps of bringing the product to market. We need a financial support for running marketing campaigns and building the initial R&D and operation team.

  • Bringing 'Requests' to market. The initial marketing campaign will focus on limited number of request categories, such as shopping advice and filling form. We will use the feedback to fine tune the product marketing roadmap. A financial support is required for running paid ads campaigns on Facebook and Google and hiring marketing person.
  • Building the R&D team. A financial support is required to build the initial R&D team. This will allow us to build the maintenance course and also working on the new features required by premium version, and required for our partnership program.


Opportunity. 'Requests' presents a clear business model based on charging a 'Requests Handling Fee' (RHF) - a commission charged from helpers for locking a request. To make sure that Helper will never loose money we set minimum limit of the offer set by requesters. Offer may of course be much higher than that minimum. We support two payment modes, pay per use that removes the barrier for using the app by helpers, let the helpers pay for what they actually used. We also support prepay that grant helpers with credit when recharging the wallet. Generally speaking, the system is built for encouraging usage. As more requests/response as higher the income.

True value for users. 'Requests' is a peer to peer arena that serve true needs and supply a vital value to users. On one side there are 'requesters' that need to solve a concrete problem. On the other end there are 'helpers' that earn money from helping other users. And what in the middle is a platform that join the two sides and designed to reduce any barrier for act. For example, 'Requests' does not condition helpers in making exams. It is also does not condition help in contracting with each other. The moto is - fast help for all the problems that users usually waste time alone to solve.

Users are wasting tons of hours online just to find products, filling forms or searching for information. There is no question about the need here, only building the capacity to pack Requests as a great solution for saving time and solving online issues in a world that become more and more digital. The world is becoming digital but humans are analog. Something is required to close the gap. Something with a human touch.

Content-Glass Innovation. 'Requests' as well as other apps developed by Rhizome Networks, has a built-in content-glass integration. Content Glass platform presents a new way for accessing information. Instead of looking for information in 'sites' the information is there, all around, spread on layers on content and available given some conditions when it is relevant. In content glass, a piece of information is named "widget" and a contextual layer is named "Glass". Widget is exposed to user on some Glass at certain conditions or given some state. We call this methodology - state oriented sharing, because information is shared in association with context and state. Content-Glass presents a new approach of thinking about information in the world and the ways we present it to user and open the door for many exotic and exiting features. For example, given that "request" is in fact "widget", we can use content-glass to create feature in 'Requests' that allow users to establish their own private arenas. Using content-glass we can also setup contextual requests, for example, requests that can be exposed only in some specific context, such as event or place.
Expansion model. 'Requests' is planed to run as web app and mobile app from Rhizome Networks web assets (websites and mobiles apps), but is also planed to run in an IFRAME within 3'rd party site. Spreading the requests app on 3'rd party sites intend to increase the amount of requests but also help to attract helpers requesters of certain niche. Our request-handling-fee mechanism, is programmed to support revenue sharing based on origin web-property where request post was created. We believe that this partnership model walks hand in hand with our business model and we need the financial support for hiring a person that will work of pushing it forward.
Spreading thr word model. 'Requests' contains a built-in support for referral program and is therefore ready for spread word of mouth. Each user has a code in user's profile that can be shared with other user. When a referred user make payment, we automatically credit the wallet of referring user. This functionality is built-in in our billing-service and does not require any external service.