Stop wasting time on annoying online tasks.

Modern life require us to face with countless digital services and tasks. The problem is, that no one is expert in all tasks.

For many people, what pretends to bring simplicity, has turn into complexity.

  • Are you wasting hours to find the right product when shopping online?
  • Are you breaking your head on understanding how to use digital services?
  • Are you flooding with options and information?
  • Does software support and automation leave you confused?
  • Are you finding yourself lack the help with necessary tasks?

This is where 'Requests' app get to game.

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There are tasks that you find easy to accomplish while others, find them as annoying.

In that case why not help end earn some money for your help?

'Requests' do exactly that, it let users to post requests with mentioned offer, and let other users to lock the requests and help, and finally earn the payment that was agreed by both sides.

As an Helper you can view requests, select those that you can help with, lock a request, contact the requests and collaborate for helping with the problem.

It's not a freelancers workspace. Each request is a single case, No contract, No professionally exams, No long-term relations

Easy. Simple. Short. Immediate.

Every user can send request.

Every user can help other.

Requests app is for everyone. No certificate is required.

Once you logged-in you can choose the operation mode. Either to act as Requester or to act as Helper.

Keep in mind that for as long request is pending (not handled), it is visible to all other users. Therefore do not expose private and secret information. If you need to share a private information, for handling some task, share it directly with the helper that handle your requests, and not over request post.




Are you in the affiliate marketing scene? In that case Requests app is a great tool for increasing revenue and building your audience.

Lets assume, for example, that you promote certain web store. On requests you may found requesters that require purchase advice.

If you have the skill and knowledge to assist by recommending certain products, then you can combine Requests app with your affiliation workflow.

If you have a knowledge in certain niece, lets say pets, and have website or blog that promote products, you can embed Requests IFRAME and increase engagement with your website. This mean more traffic, and this mean more money from affiliation workflow.

And of course as explained here you can also earn from requests (see above), but you can also revenue-share with us on the fee we collect from helpers (see below)

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Do you own a website, maybe Wordpress blog or alike?

  • Are you looking methods for driving traffic?
  • Are you looking for methods that increase user engagement with your website?
  • Are you looking for monetization methods?

Well, Requests IFRAME is a great added-value addition to your website.

Running Requests on your website, using an IFRAME, gives to users the reason to comeback and bring others. This means more traffic.

Requests is an arena of Requesters and Helpers. Adding it to your websites, means that collaboration between users occur on top of your website. It means that you have an audience for whom you can expose your other content and at the end of the day this is translated for interaction with your website or in other words, increasing engagement with your website.

Finally monetization. When you add Requests IFRAME to your website, you can partner with us and we can setup a revenue sharing. Simply, we will share with you on the amount we collect each time an Helper is locking a requests. The exact sharing rate may vary depending on the amount of helpers activity occur on your website

Check for partner programs in the support section for more dertails

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Requests is a great tool for increasing the profitability of support centers. For example, think of leveraging the knowledge ot technical support team, for serving tasks other than those require by own company?!

Support centers that can present an organized group of helpers can partner with us and enjoy meaningful benefits'Requests'.

  • Participating the Certified Helpers program. Certified helpers stand out in the crowd with concern to tasks that require access to more private information.
  • Branding helpers profile
  • Premium features such as CRM and Webhooks.
  • Executive reports that shows individual and group KPIs.
  • Custom integration with organization's tools.

Requests is a great tool for sharing knowledge and increasing collaboration between organization's own workers.

Requests can be customized to serve for internal-organization purpose.

Contact us for setting up a dedicated requests arena.



You can earn credits by referring new friends. Send your promotion code to friend and earn credits for each time a referred user recharge its wallet.

You can find your referral-code on your profile view. Simply send it to friends in any means you like. Once the referred user will sign-up to 'Requests', we will record a relation between you two, and we will use this relation to credit your walled each time the user will recharge its own wallet.

The 'Promotion period' - the time you earn credits from referred friends, is standing on 12 months and may be change by system.

Your referral-code also act as coupon for referred user. On the first recharge of wallet we will credit your friend's wallet with 5 USD. This amount may be changed by system.

'Requests' takes social-web beyond sharing media and ideas on walls, to the realm of act and cooperations.

Unlike social networks, 'Requests' does not simulate social interaction, instead it is based on actual social interaction and actual collaboration between people. It is not pretending to be 'social'. It is social!

Combining with the augmented-reality nature of Content-Glass (see below), that allows to create multiple arenas of collaboration in association with multiple contexts of life events, places and objects, 'Requests' presents a new social web - social 3.0



With built-in Content-Glass technology, 'Requests' app joins the realm of Augmented Reality.

'Requests' app integrates with Content-Glass service to allow N dimensions for sharing and collaborating on requests. The feature is available on premium version.

It means that instead of having one global arena where requests are created, there are potentially endless number of arenas for endless contexts and conditions.

In Content-Glass terms we say that requests may be associated with different 'Glasses'. Therefore associated with different, events, places, locations, timing, codes and objects in the world.

Imagine for example, what can be done by associating 'Requests' to 'Glass' that represents a professional event.

Or maybe a 'Glass' that represents a university's library and collaboration between requesters and helpers in the context of learning books, and learning tasks ...

There are countless possibilities for using 'requests' together with 'Content-Glass'.

Console App: user can view summary of data generated by requests app, on behalf of user's accounts, using the console app. The console app is available only on browser.

Social Feed: user may set own requests to publish on social feeds, such as Twitter. Publishing on social feeds extends the exposure of request. read

Webhooks: premium users can use Webhooks to integrate 'Requests' with other platforms. read

API: developers can use JavaScript API to integrate their web logic with 'Requests' app. read

CRM: premium users are also provided with CRM system and extended reporting. This is useful for those that want to take "help" ohn Requests to the next level.