'Requests' help internet users to get help on various issues and tasks. From shopping advice up to an help with homework. From filling an online application forms and up to getting a technical support. From legal advice and up getting help with delivery or house fixes.

Instead of wasting time on trying to find things in an endless sea of options, instead of wasting time on trying to deal with endless stream of online services that get update too frequently, instead of wasting time on trying to master online procedures, simply write your issue and let someone else to help you.

There is no need to wait for a nephew to return from school, for filling an online application-form, finding a product or updating your anti-virus. 'Requests' app takes the legacy 'The one who knows' and replace it with worldwide network of Requesters and Helpers.
Check compatibility table before you start. Currently you can use Requests on Windows and Android webview. iOS is not yet supported and Linux was not yet tested.


  • Post a Request and get help.
  • Set description and payout offer.
  • Wait for Helper proposal.
  • Approve the helper you trust.
  • Work together to solve the issue. 
  • Pay to Helper to agreed payout.


  • Lock & Handle requests to earn money.
  • Search for request you can help with.
  • Lock the request.
  • Wait for requester’s approval.
  • Work together to solve the issue.
  • When done, request a payment.
  • Finally close the request.
Win-Win formula for getting help/earning online!!! As simple as that
  • No long-term relations
  • No contract
  • No professional exams
  • No license
  • No certificate
  • No barrier for Requesting
  • No barrier for Helping



The Rhizome Networks team