Get help by posting requests.

Help with online services, purchase advice, software support, help with homework and more.

There is no limit for what you can request for as long as it legal.


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View requests and make money from solving simple issues.

Set your bid and lock the requests you want to handle.

Help the requester and collect the agreed fee. You pay only for locking requests. Requester's payment is all yours.


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Do not waste time anymore on annoying tasks of modern life.

Are you wasting hours to find the right product? Are you breaking your head on understanding how to use digital services? Are you finding yourself lack of help with necessary house tasks? Do you need fast help with homework but no one around can help? Does software renewals, software support or generally speaking 'crazy' automation of things leave you confused?

These are only samples of many of new everyday tasks the modern world stand in front of us. For sure you can find something that other users can help you with. No one is expert in all tasks. That is why using Requests.

Use Requests to get help with everyday problems. Use Requests to help others solving their problems and earn money from your help.

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Use Requests IFRAME to increase user engagement with your website.

Your website is not only reading portal. It is also a meeting point for users that share common interest. There are many ways to add sharing of thoughts into your website but why not taking sharing to next level?

With Requests sharing turn into mutual activity of requesting help and solving problems, and this activity associate with your website.

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Call centers or other organizations with and ability to group and supervise Helpers together can use Requests to increase their level of support and audience. Organizations enjoy meaningful benefits.

Participating in the certified Helpers program that open Requests to handle requests in higher level of confidentiality such as banking, insurance and accounting tasks.

Branding of Helpers profile so users can recognize Helper as belong to certified organization.

Enjoying CRM, Webhooks and other premium level features.

Executive reports that aggregate KPIs across group of Helpers.

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Send your promotion code to friend and earn credits each time your friend charge its wallet.

You promotion code also function as coupon and grant your friend credits in the first wallet charge.

You will find the promotion code on your profile view.

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Requests takes social web to beyond sharing and walls, to the realm of act. Requests takes you beyond ideas and to the field of true problems and true help. It is not pretending to be 'social'. It is social!

Social Feed: we extend the exposure of Requests by publishing requests of various social feeds, such as Twitter. Publishing to social feed is optional and you can control it by setting preferences in your profile. read

Website engagement: you can use IFRAME to embed Requests in your Blog or Website and increase users engagement with your website. read

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Affiliates can combine Requests in their daily practice. Simply when advising on a product, send to requester the affiliate link. We assume that your purchase advice as affiliate is the best you can give, and not just a promotion of certain product. That why we give Requesters a way to rate Helpers reliability. read

Webhooks: premium users can use Webhooks to integrate Requests with other platforms. read

Driving traffic: premium users that embed the IFRAME og JavaScript API in their website, can operate special feature that add a link .

API: developers can use JavaScript API to integrate their web logic with Requests app. read

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